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Franziska is a popular speaker about all things marketing, motivation, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Her engaging presenting style keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, leaving them inspired.

Franziska travels internationally and is a popular speaker in the US, Europe and Australia.

Some of the her topics include…

Perception – Take charge of how people view you, become irresistible to the right people and make a bigger impact.
Why do some people seem to effortlessly flow through life and achieve whatever they set out to achieve and others don’t.

Is it sheer luck or some magic power? What if you can create your own luck?

Author of best-selling book Perception Franziska Iseli not only explores how to take charge of your internal perception to take control of the results you are getting but also how to position yourself and your ideas to be attractive to the right people. Franziska guides you through how to take control of your perception to achieve beyond what you thought possible.

Brandful – How to consciously create a mindful brand others fall in love with
What makes Nike, Richard Branson and Disneyland so popular? Branding. They have mastered the game of branding and creating a popular brand.

In this session you will discover what it takes to build and grow a kick-butt brand people love!

Bold–Pushing past your limits and achieving the impossible
Every day we are faced with small or big challenges. The question is how do we react to them?
Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% how we react.

In this session you will discover how to fearlessly take action in the face of any challenge.

Business Lifestyling – How to build a business around your lifestyle
In today’s age it is absolutely possible to build a business around your lifestyle. Whether you want to work from a secret island, have more time off to spend with your family or just want to have more fun, this presentation is for you. Franziska certainly walks the talk when it comes to building businesses that fit in with her lifestyle and she will share the exact strategies she uses to do so.

Ripple Effectors – How to create ripples of brilliance everywhere you go
Are you a Ripple Effector?

Find out why life is not too short when you live it with impact. Creating ripple effects of brilliance can become a daily habit and it’s the new way of achieving happiness, raising the positive vibes around you and living a truly fulfilled life! It’s like personal development on steroids.

More and more people are looking for more meaning and fulfillment in their lives. A highly effective way to attain more of this is by making a positive impact a habit. It’s a lot easier than we think!

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